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Our Standard Package includes all of the essentials when it comes to producing a wedding film to show your family and friends. We will follow the bride and groom on their special day, capturing their ceremony, reception and first dance. Professionally edited and colour graded to bring your day to life!



Our Premium Package includes everything the standard package offers plus much more! This extended wedding film captures not only the ceremony itself but the Groom and Bride preparations,  the couple arriving and leaving the venue, plus we will stay for an extra hour after the first dance to capture those unforgettable moments as the day rolls into the night.

 We will also include a short, one minute, social media trailer showcasing highlights from you special day to share with your friends and family!



About Us

Here at Dovetail Productions we pride ourselves on being story tellers, and we know that your wedding day isn't just a normal day so why would you want a normal wedding video?  We aim to capture that indescribable, magical feeling thats in the air on your special day  and produce a film which tells the tale of your wedding day which you can play whenever, wherever you'd like.


We don't believe in blending in and following the norm, we want to stand out and make your films as individual as your weddings are. Everyone has their own story, and we're here to tell it.



Harry is a very talented Editor. His unique eye for story telling and pace keeps you focus on what happening on your screens. His take on wedding films produces some high quality moving images, teamed with his skill at story telling. 

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Having worked in the photography & film industry for more than six years, Sam is right at home behind the camera. His creative flare allows him to see shots that lift each wedding film to the next level while alway maintaining that 'fly on the wall' feel. 

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Amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better crew to have filmed our special day. We watched it at least four or five times a week and still pinch ourselves. We totally love it!


Mark & Charlotte Hook

Collaborations & Awards