How long is the wedding film? 

That entirely depends on what package you choose; our standard package offers a short highlight film averaging around six minutes, while our Premium package boasts a 10+ minute film with extra footage from your day.  


When will we receive our wedding film?

You’ll receive your film via secure online file transfer. This process normally takes around 4-6 weeks. 


How secure is the online file transfer?

Very secure, we typically use WeTransfer. All we need is your email and you will receive an email notification when your film is ready to download.  


We are ready to book! What do we do now? 

Fantastic! we'd love to start a conversation with you. Whether it be over email, over a coffee or via phone or skype call. We want to make sure we're the right fit for your special day.


If you're happy with us and you wish to use our services, we'll send over a contract and require a deposit, once we've received that, you’ll have the day reserved!